EU Issues 31 Product & Vehicle Recalls

FlagEUBelgium/Brussels: European Union issues 31 new consumer and industrial-based product recalls; a must-read for parents, caregivers, drivers, managers and others:

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The European Union reports the following Consumer and/or Industrial Products and/or Vehicles (in alphabetical order) are subject to this recall:

  • 5th Avenue Ladies’ Shoes, EAN-Code: 1241 4611 – Chemical hazard
  • A.I.& E. 192 LED Világit (192 Led Light) Lighting Chains, model: XN-723 – Burns, injury hazards
  • Arino Girls’ T-Shirts, model: AR-8058 – Choking hazard
  • Best Kids Girls’ Clothing Sets, model: S13C255 – Injury hazard
  • C&S Children’s Sweatshirts, model: D-0916 – Strangulation hazard
  • Cactus Clone Girls’ T-shirts, model: GTJM2012 – Choking hazard
  • Emilia Shoes Ladies’ Shoes, model: Article: PS 59 – Chemical hazard
  • Energy Fireworks, model: 600-3720, Batch: 43F318/063/12 – Burns, injury hazards
  • eStuff Universal 90W Universal 3-in-1 AC Adapters, model: ES1002 – Electric shock hazard
  • Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Slicers, model: NLAC33148, NLAC33148 – Laceration, injury hazards
  • Grace Girls’ Sweatshirts, model: WT8168 – Choking hazard
  • In-Line Collection Children’s Sweatshirts, model: SCHOOLC014 – Strangulation hazard
  • Kapel Colouring Pencils, model: 15207 – Environmental hazard
  • Last Star Children’s Clothing Sets, model: BO-5007 S13C022 – Strangulation hazard
  • Mibo Plastic Horse Toys, model: JHD567 – Chemical hazard
  • Nissan Patrol Y61 Passenger Vehicles; affected VINs: JN1KESY61U0 from 147393 to 147634 – Injury hazard
  • Non-Branded Hot Melt Glue Guns, model: WN-A02 – Electric shock hazard
  • Nonesuch Flame Remote Controlled Jeep Toys and Eleica TP-814 Chargers, model: 1:18 R/C racing car series – Electric shock hazard
  • North Fireworks, model: 600-3720, Batch: 43F318/063/12 – Burns, injury hazards
  • Özcan Lamps, model: 5136-1 – Electric shock hazard
  • Playback Children’s Shorts, models: G8066 and G8060 – Injury hazard
  • Pyroshow Fireworks, model: 600-3720, Batch: 43F318/063/12 – Burns, injury hazards
  • QB Toys & Gifts Plush Banana Toys, model: 95524 – Choking hazard
  • Rotenbach Petrol Power Generators, model: FO-65; Serial number: 131-212-2013 – Electric shock hazard
  • Rumba Fireworks, model: 600-3720, Batch: 43F318/063/12 – Burns, injury hazards
  • Samsung Micro USB Chargers, model: ATADU10EB, serial number: RT7C824OS/7-B – Electric shock, fire hazards
  • Screaming Girls Fireworks, model: 344, Batch: 43F555/641/11 – Burns, injury hazards
  • Seagull Girls’ Jackets, model: CSQ-99105 – Choking hazard
  • Style shoes Ladies’ Shoes, Article: PO-10 – Chemical hazard
  • Suvpr Power Inverters, model: DY-75 – Electric shock hazard
  • Toulum Portable Lamps, model: FYB A00900300, B227; lot number: 212 E – Electric shock hazard


European Union RAPEX Report: 41/2013
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-2643
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