Kohl’s Three-Wick SONOMA Candle Recall [US]

Kohl's Three-Wick SONOMA Candle Recall [US]

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US FlagUS/Washington: Kohl’s, Inc., a Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin establishment, recalls an estimated 512,000 Three-Wick SONOMA Goods For Life branded Candles from the American marketplace due to suspected excessive flame height and consequential risks of fire, burns, smoke inhalation and property damage, all serious safety hazards.

HCSC: http://ht.ly/HlGs30rhszz

Direct link: https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2020/74093r-eng.php

Additional information:
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports the following Kohl’s Three-Wick Candles are subject to this recall (in alphabetical order):

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Burlington, Kohl’s, Ross Power Bank Recall [US & Canada]

Burlington, Kohl’s, Ross Power Bank Recall [US & Canada]

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US FlagCanada FlagUS/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: Daniel M. Friedman & Associates, a division of Steven Madden, Ltd. of Long Island City, New York establishment and TJX Canada, a Mississauga, Ontario establishment recall an estimated 177,400 of Universal Rechargeable Power Banks sold by Burlington, Kohl’s and Ross in the United States and Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense stores in Canada due to overheating and consequential risk of fire, burns and property damage, all serious health and safety hazards.

CPSC: http://ht.ly/wnmt30okDrQ; HCSC: http://ht.ly/b56C30okDt8

Direct US link: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/Rechargeable-Power-Banks-Recalled-by-Daniel-M-Friedman-and-Associates-Due-to-Fire-Hazard

Direct Canada link: https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2019/69254r-eng.php

Additional information:
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports this recall involves Universal Rechargeable Power Banks for use with smart phones and tablets.

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Toy Truck Recall

US/Washington: Happy Shirts recalls some Truck Toys due to fire hazard. CPSC: http://ht.ly/9Ztvm

Please note: this was a gift with purchase (GwP) that accompanied some Boy’s T-Shirts sold at Kohl’s.

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