Shanghai Lansheng N95 Respirator Mask Warning [Canada]

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Canada/Ottawa: Logo - Health CanadaHealth Canada, an Ottawa, Ontario regulatory and safety authority, warns Canadians against buying and/or using reportedly counterfeit N95 Respirator Masks made by Shanghai Lansheng Light Industrial Products due to suspected failure to protect wearers against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and consequential risk of COVID-19 (also known as “Coronavirus”) infection as well as consequential heart, lung and kidney, brain damage, all serious health and safety hazards.


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Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports that it has received reports that counterfeit N95 Respirator Masks produced by Shanghai Lansheng Light Industrial Products have been marketed, sold and delivered in Canada. These products falsely claim to protect wearers against COVID-19 and are reportedly being sold to Canadians online and in some retail stores.

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