Tesco Chicken Salad Recall [UK]

Tesco Chicken Salad Recall [UK]

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UK FlagUK/London: Tesco, a Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire establishment, recalls certain batch/lots of Chicken Salad products due to suspected Campylobacter contamination and consequential risk of bacterial infection, a serious health hazard. FSA: http://ht.ly/nqb130dAIOD

Direct link: https://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/news/2017/16342/tesco-recalls-chicken-salad-campylobacter-in-products

Additional information:
The UK Food Standards Agency (“FSA”) reports the following prepared Chicken Salads are subject to recall:

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Mr. Sub Spicy Chicken Bite Recall [Canada]

Canada CFIA RecallCanada/Ottawa: Maple Leaf Consumer Foods recalls some Mr. Sub brand Spicy Chicken Bites due to Salmonella or Campylobacter bacteria hazard. CFIA: http://ht.ly/rnPgf

Direct link: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/inspection/2013/36885r-eng.php

Additional information:
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”) reports the following Chicken Products are subject to this recall: Continue reading

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