Triple J Family Farms Ribeye Recall [US]

US/Washington: Triple J Family Farms recalls approximately 15,270 pounds of Bone-in Ribeye Meat Products due to non-evisceration hazard. USDA:

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The United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) requires the complete removal of the spinal column (also known as the “vertebral column”) and associated tissues in all Beef Cattle 30 months of age or older prior to human consumption. According to the USDA, the recalled Ribeye Meat Products may not have been prepared properly and vertebral bones and/or tissue may not have been completely removed. The USDA says these tissues may contain the infective agent associated with cattle infected with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (“BSE”) also commonly known as Mad Cow Disease.

USDA recall number: FSIS-RC-024-2013
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1761
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