Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent Recall [Canada]

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Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent Recall [Canada]

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Canada/Ottawa: Blue Line Solutions, a Vancouver, British Columbia establishment, recalls an estimated 3,574 Breakthrough Military-Grade branded Solvent products from the Canadian marketplace due to reported lack of child-resistant packaging and hazard information with consequential risks of oral injury, internal ingestion, GI tract laceration damage, bowel obstruction, developmental delays and/or long-term damage, reproductive delays, long-term damage, genetoxicity and/or mutagenicity, all serious health and safety hazards.


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Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports this recall involves certain batch/lots of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent, a liquid cleaner and degreaser, sold in spray containers of various sizes:

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McDonald’s Hello Kitty Whistle Recall [US & Canada]

Canada CFIA RecallUS FlagUS/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: McDonald’s Hello Kitty Lollipop Whistle Recall [US & Canada]McDonald’s recalls approximately 2.5 million Hello Kitty Themed Lollipop Whistles due to choking and aspiration hazards. CPSC:; HCSC:

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports the recalled Whistles are red and were included in a plastic Hello Kitty figurine holding a pink heart-shaped lollipop.

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Monster Ball Yo-Yo Ball Toy Recall [Canada]

Canada HCSC RecallCanada/Ottawa: Health Canada recalls some Monster Ball Yo-Yo Ball Toys due to aspiration, choking and strangulation hazards. HCSC: 

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Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports the following products are subject to this recall:

  • Monster Ball Yo-Yo Ball Toys made of soft plastic. The Balls have a soft stretchy plastic body and a stretchable plastic finger loop. Each Ball also has a “monster” face and 12 hard plastic drop-shaped weighted hands of differing colors. The Yo-Yo Balls are about the size of a softball and are sold in various colors. The body of the Ball lights up with flashing lights when bounced on a surface.

According to Health Canada, Yo-yo type balls and similar products are banned in Canada because they present a hidden risk of strangulation to children. Also, the weighted hands on these balls can become detached, thereby releasing small metallic beads which can pose choking and aspiration hazards to children.

Health Canada has been made aware of one incident in Canada where the weighted hands became detached from this product.


HCSC ID number: RA-35425
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-2519
About the Recalls Direct service:
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