Tesco Flu-Max Chesty Cough & Cold Powder Recall [UK]

Tesco Flu-Max Chesty Cough & Cold Powder Recall [UK]

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UK FlagUK/London: Wrafton Laboratoires Limited (trading as Perrigo), a Wrafton, Braunton, Devon establishment, recalls certain batch/lots of Tesco Flu-Max All In One Chesty Cough & Cold Powder for Oral Solution (GSL) PL 12063/0104 from the British marketplace due to suspected mislabeling/mispackaging and consequential incorrect dosage with consequential risks of an overdose and/or underdose hazards requiring immediate medical intervention to minimize pain and suffering as well as prevent life-changing injury

MHRA: http://ht.ly/dNaC30rX2cA

Direct link: https://www.gov.uk/drug-device-alerts/class-2-medicines-recall-tesco-flu-max-all-in-one-chesty-cough-and-cold-powder-for-oral-solution-wrafton-laboratoires-limited-trading-as-perrigo-el-21-a-slash-24#brief-description-of-the-problem

Additional information:
The UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) reports the following Cough & Cold Powders are subject to recall:

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