EpiPen & EpiPen Jr Auto-Injector Warning [Canada]

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Canada/Ottawa: EpiPen and EpiPen Jr Auto-Injector Warning [Canada]Pfizer Canada, a Kirkland, Quebec establishment, issues a warning for an unknown number of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr Auto-Injector Device Pens due to suspected failure to extricate the drug product from its packaging tube during an emergency and consequential failure or delay in administering Adrenaline (Epinephrine) to patients during Anaphylaxis, all serious health and safety hazards.

HCSC: http://ht.ly/Ps3M30m71AX

Direct link: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2018/67860a-eng.php

Additional information:
Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports the following EpiPen and EpiPen Jr Auto-Injectors are subject to this warning:

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EpiPen Auto-Injector Recall [US]

US FlagUS/Silver Spring: EpiPen Auto-Injector Recall [US]Mylan recalls numerous batch/lots of EpiPen Auto-Injectors due to suspected component failure and consequential risk of operational failure during Anaphylaxis treatment, a serious health and safety hazard. FDA: http://ht.ly/zHCZ30ata5a

Direct link: https://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm550173.htm

Additional information:
The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) reports the following EpiPen Auto-Injector devices are subject to this recall (in alphabetical order):

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EpiPen Auto-Injector Recall [Australia]

Australia FlagAustralia/Canberra: EpiPen Auto-Injector Recall [Australia]Alphapharm Pty Ltd recalls certain batch/lots of EpiPen Auto-Injectors due to suspected component failure and consequential drug injection failure during Anaphylaxis, a serious health hazard. ACCC: http://ht.ly/tqVV30agTAX

Direct link: https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/alphapharm-pty-ltd-epipen-300-microgram-g-adrenaline-injection-syringe-auto-injector-aust-r-42978

Additional information:
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) reports the following Auto-Injector Syringes are subject to this recall:

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