Imei Seaweed, Sesame Cookie Recall [Canada]

Canada FlagCanada/Ottawa: CFIA LogoAllcity Importers recalls some Imei brand Fried Cookies due to undeclared Almond Nuts and Peanuts, both known allergens. CFIA:

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”) reports the following Cookies are subject to this recall: Continue reading

Barr Lemonade Recall [UK]

UK FSA RecallUK/London: AG Barr Ltd recalls some Barr Lemonade due to undeclared Aspartame, a serious health hazard for some people. FSA:

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The UK Food Standards Agency (“FSA”) reports the following food is subject to this recall:

  • Barr Lemonade. 500ml bottle; Best before: Dec 2013; Batch code 3083

About Aspartame:
Aspartame, a synthetic sugar substitute, is composed mainly of two amino acids: aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Aspartame is estimated to be about 200 times sweeter than sugar and is commonly used in “sugar-free” drinks and foods. NutraSweet and Equal are two brand names of popular Aspartame-based products.

Phenylketonuria (“PKU”) is a genetic disorder in which a person cannot metabolize (i.e., break down and use) phenylalanine, one of the two main ingredients of Aspartame. In people with PKU, levels of phenylalanine can increase in the blood to the point where other key chemicals are prevented from getting to the brain. Children with PKU, for example, can suffer from abnormal brain development if dietary phenylalanine is not restricted or completely eliminated.

Undeclared Aspartame, therefore, is an urgent health situation which, if consumed can have profound, life-altering consequences for those suffering with Phenylketonuria.


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