Zen Magnet & Neoballs Magnet Toy Recall [US]

Zen Magnets & Neoballs Magnets Recall [US]

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US FlagUS/Washington: Zen Magnets LLC, a Denver, Colorado establishment, recalls an estimated 10 million Zen Magnet and Neoballs Magnet Toys, sold individually and in Magnet Sets, from the American marketplace due to suspected risks of accidental ingestion with consequential choking, oral injury, internal ingestion, GI tract laceration damage, bowel obstruction and/or sepsis, all serious health and safety hazards requiring immediate medical intervention to minimize suffering and prevent life-changing injury.

CPSC: http://ht.ly/evd930rRFsX

Direct link: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2021/Zen-Magnets-and-Neoballs-Magnets-Recalled-Due-to-Ingestion-Hazard

Additional information:
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports this recall involves all Zen Magnets and Neoballs Magnets marketed, sold and delivered in the United States, as follows:

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US NHTSA Recalls: Kawasaki Ninja & ZX Motorcycles

US FlagWashington, DC: NHTSA Logo ColorAs of Saturday, August 21, 2021, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), a division of the US Department of Transportation, has posted a total of seventy-seven (77) vehicle, tire, accessory or other automotive-related product recalls this month.

Are yours listed? http://ht.ly/cXy430qH5Ln

Direct link: https://www.nhtsa.gov/search/safety-issues#recall

Additional information:
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Ying Ying Soy Food Sweet & Spicy Tofu Recall [Canada]

Ying Ying Soy Food Sweet & Spicy Tofu Recall [Canada]

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Canada FlagCanada/Ottawa: Ying Ying Soy Food Ltd., a Mississauga, Ontario establishment, recalls certain batch/lots of Ying Ying Soy Food branded Sweet & Spicy Tofu products from the Canadian marketplace due to suspected Salmonella contamination and consequential risks of Gram-negative bacterial infection, severe illness and/or possible life-changing complications, all serious health and safety hazards/situations requiring immediate medical intervention to minimize suffering and prevent life-changing injury.

CFIA: http://ht.ly/1Fxa30rRCNn

Direct link: https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/inspection/2021/76283r-eng.php

Additional information:
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”) reports the following Sweet & Spicy Tofu products are subject to this recall:

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