CDC Investigation: Salmonella linked to Poultry & Dog Treats

US FlagUS/Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") LogoThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), an Atlanta, Georgia based health promotion and disease prevention authority, issues a formal investigation notice concerning the two (2) Salmonella outbreaks linked to Backyard Poultry and Pig Ear Dog Treats.


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) reports two (2) multi-state Salmonella outbreaks are currently active within United States. The first outbreak is linked to contact with Live Poultry while the second is thought to be caused by contact with Pig Ear Treats for Dogs.

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There are two (2) separate Salmonella outbreaks that the CDC is currently tracking:

The first Salmonella outbreak is linked to contact with Live Backyard Poultry:

  • Since the last update on June 13, 2019, an additional 489 sickened Americans have been added to the CDC investigation.
  • Five (5) additional Salmonella serotypes have been added to this investigation, which increased the number of cases associated with the outbreak. Interviews with patients or their families and laboratory information confirmed the cases were linked to Live Backyard Poultry.
  • In total, there have been 768 people reported sickened from 48 US states. Of these, 122 people have been hospitalized.
  • Two (2) deaths have been reported; one in Ohio and one in Texas. Health authorities who need information concerning these incidents should contact the individual state Health Departments for more information.
  • The CDC reports an increase in Salmonella infection linked to Live Poultry is expected in the spring and summer months when more people are purchasing chicks, ducklings and other Live Poultry. Since 2000, more than 75 separate outbreaks of Salmonella infections have been linked by the CDC and other health authorities to contact with Live Backyard Poultry.
  • The largest number of Salmonella illnesses linked to Backyard Poultry in outbreaks occurred in 2017, when 1,120 people got sick and one (1) person died.
  • The people who got sick reported getting chicks and ducklings from places such as agricultural stores, Web sites and hatcheries.
  • You can get sick from Salmonella after touching poultry or where they live including pens, cages and feeders. Birds carrying the Salmonella bacteria often appear healthy and clean.

General prevention tips:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly (for at least 30 seconds) with soap and hot water immediately before and immediately after touching Live Poultry or anything in their environment. Use commercial hand sanitizer if soap and water are not immediately available. Never touch your eyes, ears, mouth or nose with unclean hands.
  • Do not let Live Poultry inside the house, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Be especially careful to keep Poultry out of areas where food or drink is prepared, served or stored, such as kitchens, pantries and outdoor patios or barbecues.
  • Set aside a pair of boots (preferable) or shoes to wear while taking care of your birds and keep those outside of your home.
  • Children younger than 5, adults over 65, and those with underdeveloped or weakened immune systems should never handle or touch chicks, ducklings, or other poultry or someone who has come into contact with these animals without washing thoroughly. Never eat or drink where Live Poultry live, sleep or roam due to the risk of cross contamination.
  • Never kiss Live Poultry or snuggle them and then touch your face, mouth or hair.
  • Remain outdoors when cleaning any equipment or materials used to raise or care for poultry, such as cages, or feed or water containers.

The second Salmonella outbreak is linked to contact with Pig Ear Dog treats:

  • Since the last update from the CDC on July 3, 2019, at least 48 people are known to have been sickened and three (3) additional Salmonella serotypes have been added to this investigation.
  • There have been 93 Americans from 27 US states known to have been sickened in connection with this outbreak. This estimate includes twenty (20) people who have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.
  • On July 3, 2019, Bulk Pig Ears from Pet Supplies Plus stocked in open bins because they might be contaminated with Salmonella. You can see our earlier coverage of this recall here:

General prevention tips:

  • Salmonella infections can cause illness in both people and in dogs.
  • Do not feed recalled Pig Ear Treats to your dog. Throw them away in a secure container ensuring your pets and other animals can’t eat them.
  • A common supplier of Pig Ear Treats in this outbreak has not been identified.
  • This investigation is ongoing and CDC will provide more information as it becomes available.

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