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Canada/Ottawa: Tweed Dried Cannabis Recall [Canada]Tweed, Inc., a Smiths Falls, Ontario establishment, recalls an estimated 13,575 units of LBS Sunset (Indica) Dried Cannabis due to suspected mislabeling and consequential incorrect Cannabinoid values with risks of overdose, all serious health and safety hazards.


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Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports this recall involves one (1) batch/lot consisting of Tweed branded LBS Sunset (Indica) Dried Cannabis sold through authorized provincial and territorial retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, as follows:

  • LBS Sunset (Indica) Dried Cannabis, sold in 3.5 gram containers with a batch/lot designation of SUN8213TSB and a packaging date of January 10, 2019

The incorrect (posted) label indicates the follows:
Total CBD: <0.07%
Total THC: 23.0%
THC: <0.07%
CBD: 0.40%

The correct label, however, should read:
Total CBD: 0.08%
Total THC: 23.0%
THC: 0.40%
CBD: <0.07%

Please consult the photograph above for details of the product’s packaging, design and retail presentation. Please note: the packaging of the recalled Dried Cannabis product may differ slightly from the one posted above.

According to Health Canada, the product label has incorrect Cannabinoid values, where the percentage of THC and percentage of CBD were reversed on the label.

If you believe you have purchased or have in your possession any of the recalled Dried Cannabis, please contact Tweed to obtain a correct product label.

If you have any questions about this recall notification, please contact Tweed at 1-833-818-9333 during normal business hours, Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Please note: the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits recalled products from being redistributed, sold or even given away in Canada.

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HCSC ID number: RA-69256
Recalls Direct RIN: 11238-2019
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