EU issues 49 Product, Toy & Vehicle Recalls

European Union FlagBelgium/Brussels: The European Union issues Report 5/2019 of its Rapid Alert System containing 49 new consumer, automotive and industrial-based product recalls; a must-read for parents, caregivers, drivers, health and safety workers, company owners, healthcare workers and others:

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Among the 49 recalls the European Union has announced in its first report of February 2019, the following recall notification was made:

Enox Safe-Kid-One Smartwatch GPS Tracker SmartwatchEnox Safe-Kid-One Smartwatch GPS Tracker Smartwatch devices, sold with an unknown number of model and a barcode/EAN of 4260088660947

The type of hazards presented in these recalled Children’s Smartwatch devices is that the mobile application accompanying the recalled Smartwatch has unencrypted communications with its backend server and the server allows unauthenticated access to data. As a consequence, private data such as location history, phone numbers, serial number can easily be retrieved and/or changed.

Furthermore, a malicious person can send commands to any of the recalled Enox Safe-Kid-One Smartwatch devices making it call another number of his/her choosing, communicate with the child wearing the device or locate the child through GPS technology embedded in the watch.

Due to these defects and their associated risks, these Enox Safe-Kid-One Smartwatch GPS Tracker Smartwatch devices do not comply with the requirements of European Radio Equipment Directive.

==> Please do not use any of the recalled Enox Safe-Kid-One Smartwatch GPS Tracker Smartwatch devices for your child, including supervised play. Instead, please return the GPS Tracker Smartwatch devices to the store or online outlet from which you purchased them for a full refund.

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European Union Rapid Alert “Rapex” Report: 05-2019
Recalls Direct RIN: 11078-2018
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