Mishka Mixed Vodka Recall [Australia]

Australia FlagAustralia/Canberra: Mishka Mixed Vodka Recall [Australia]Pinnacle Drinks recalls certain batch/lots of Mishka Mixed Vodka due to suspected bottle breakage and consequential risk of glass fragment release, oral injury, ingestion and GI tract laceration damage, all serious health and safety hazards. ACCC: http://ht.ly/yojS30frZdf

Direct link: https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/pinnacle-drinks-mishka-mixed-vodka-tasty-apple-lychee-mixed-vodka-lemon-lime-bitters-mixed-vodka-ripe-raspberry-mixed-vodka-guava-watermelon-mix-it-up-10-pack

Additional information:
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) reports the following Vodka beverages are subject to this recall:

  • Mishka Mixed Vodka Tasty Apple Lychee, Mixed Vodka Lemon Lime & Bitters, Mixed Vodka Ripe Raspberry, Mixed Vodka Guava & Watermelon, Mix it up 10 Pack drinks are available in 275 mL bottles, 4-bottle packs, 6 by 4-pack cartons, 10 by 275 mL bottles and 3 by 10 cartons, as follows:
  • Mishka Mixed Vodka Tasty Apple Lychee – 4.5% 275 mL bottles with best before dates of 14/12/18, 15/12/18, 27/12/18 and 28/12/18
    • APN/EAN single: 9300633230227
    • APN/EAN multipack: 9300633233105
    • APN/EAN carton: 9300633230241
  • Mishka Mixed Vodka Lemon Lime & Bitters – 4.5% 275 mL bottles with best before date sof 26/12/18 and 27/12/18
    • APN/EAN single: 9300633500634
    • APN/EAN multipack: 9300633500641
    • APN/EAN carton: 9300633500658
  • Mishka Mixed Vodka Ripe Raspberry – 4.5% 275 mL bottles with best-before dates of 28/12/18 and  29/12/18
    • APN/EAN single: 9300633163679
    • APN/EAN multipack: 9300633164195
    • APN/EAN carton: 9300633163730
  • Mishka Mixed Vodka Guava & Watermelon – 4.5% 275 mL bottles: best before dates of 13/12/18 and  14/12/18
    • APN/EAN single: 9300633637613
    • APN/EAN multipack: 930033637828
    • APN/EAN carton: 9300633637606
  • Mix it up 10 Pack 4.5% 275 mL bottles: all best before dates
    • APN/EAN single: 9300633644222
    • APN/EAN carton: 9300633644482

Please consult the photograph above for details of the Vodka’s packaging, design and retail presentation. Additional images of the recalled Alcoholic Beverages are pictured on the Web site above.

According to the ACCC, there is a potential for the glass bottles that contain the recalled Vodka-based beverages to break upon opening. If this defect occurs, there is a risk of glass ingestion and consequential GI tract laceration risk to drinkers.

==> Never depend on your senses of sight, smell, taste or touch to confirm food poisoning, contamination or adulteration. If in doubt about the safety of any food or beverage, return it to your retailer for refund or toss it out in your household rubbish, making sure small children and pets can’t access the suspect food.

If you believe you have purchased or have in your possession the recalled Mishka Mixed Vodka, please do not consume them directly nor use them as an ingredient in another dish or preparation. Instead, kindly return the product to the store where you purchased it for a full refund.

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More information about this recall:
ACCC PRA number: 2017/16332
Recalls Direct RIN: 9241-2017
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