Limited Edition Fresh Field Cucumber Recall [US]

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US/Silver Spring: 5808 - SafewayFieldCucumbersAndrew and Williamson Fresh Produce (“A&W”) recalls all Fresh Field Cucumbers sold under the Limited Edition label during the time period from August 1, 2015 through September 3, 2015, due to possible Salmonella contamination, a serious health hazard. FDA:

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The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) reports the following Cucumbers are subject to this recall:

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Cannondale Mountain Bicycle Recall [US & Canada]

Canada CFIA RecallUS FlagUS/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: Cannondale Mountain Bicycle Recall [US & Canada]Cycling Sports Group recalls approximately 23,800 Cannondale Mountain Bicycles due to fall and injury hazards. CPSC:; HCSC:

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports this recall involves all model year 2011 through 2015 Flash, FSi , F-4, F-5, F-29, Lexi, RZ, Scalpel and Trigger Cannondale Mountain Bicycles, with OPI stem/steering tube assemblies. The designation, “OPI” is printed diagonally across the stem/steering tube in black letters.

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