Belling Gas Range Cooker Recall [UK]

UK FSA RecallUK/Basildon: Belling recalls various Belling Gas Range Cookers due to possible Carbon Monoxide inhalation, death hazards. TSI: 

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The UK Trading Standards Institute (“TSI”) reports the following Gas Cookers are subject to this recall:

  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100G; colour: charcoal; product code: 444445410
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100G; colour: silver; product code: 444445411
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100GT; colour: charcoal; product code: 444440221
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100GT; colour: silver; product code: 444440222
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100GT; colour: black; product code: 444442980
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100GT; colour: cream; product code: 444442981
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100GT; colour: jalapeno; product code: 444442982
  • Belling Gas Range Cooker, 100G LPG; colour: silver; product code: 444440979

According to the TSI, when the Grill component of the recalled Gas Range Cooker is operating, the Grill door must always be in the “open” position. If the Grill is operated with the Grill door closed, the air supply to the Grill burner becomes restricted and causing dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide to be produced. Anyone in the kitchen may be subjected to deadly Carbon Monoxide fumes.

If you believe you own a recalled Gas Range Cooker, please do not use it. Instead, please contact the company to arrange for a technician to carry out a free safety inspection and perform any necessary repairs and/or modifications. You can ring Belling on 0800 093 9945 with your product code and serial number. The lines are open 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

Please note: other Gas Cookers have been recalled for the same risks, specifically Carbon Monoxide inhalation and death hazards. To see all recalls and notifications related to this problem, please search for “Gas Cookers” using the Search Box at the top of this page.


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