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US/Washington: Amber Emergency Response Pendant & Kit Recall [US]Visonic recalls approximately 29,200 Amber Personal Emergency Response Pendants and Kits due to accelerated circuit drain, decreased battery life, unexpectedly shorter battery life hazards. CPSC:

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports this recall involves Visonic Amber Pendants MCT-212 GS LA S (315) ENR and Visonic Amber Kits GS LA (315) KIT2.

The Kits contain both the Pendant and a Base Station. The Visonic Amber Personal Miniature Transmitter Pendant enables the consumer to remotely signal their personal emergency response system to send a request for assistance. The Pendant is off-white with a red oval-shaped button on the face. It measures about 1-1/2 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide by 5/8 of an inch deep.

The white, plastic Base Station measures 8 inches wide by 2 inches deep by 11 inches high, and has an emergency, call and status check button. A label on the back of the Pendant lists the part number and serial number. Recalled Pendants sold separately have part number 0-102511 and serial numbers 0114147681 through 2015044165, 2513325212 through 4313226157 and 4513346942 through 5113063274.

Pendants sold as part of the kit have model number 0-102371 and serial numbers 0114147759 through 1713321693, 1913433218 through 3313297879 and 3713561718 through 5113063339.

Please consult the photograph above for details of the product’s packaging, design and retail presentation.

According to the CPSC, an accelerated circuit drain of the Pendant battery can result in a decreased battery life and shorter than expected “low battery” warning period, from 30 days down to a nine-day warning period.

Consumers should immediately contact Visonic or their alarm service provider for instructions on receiving a replacement pendant. Until a new Pendant is received, consumers should manually test their Pendant regularly for low battery status.

The recalled Pendant and Kits were leased by Life Alert Emergency Response to consumers who subscribed for alarm monitoring services from about May 2013 through July 2014. Retail price for the products are about $50 for the Pendant, and between $220 and $240 for the Kit.


CPSC recall number: 15–018
Recalls Direct RIN: 4330-2014
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