Rollerblade USA Tempest Inline Skate Recall [US]

US CPSC RecallUS/Washington: Rollerblade USA recalls some Tempest Inline Skates due to fall hazard. CPSC: Tempest Inline Skates

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports the recalled Tempest Inline Skates are high performance training or racing skates sold in a variety of color combinations. They contain silver frame mounting bolts that attach a boot to an aluminum frame that holds four wheels. The brand name “Rollerblade” appears in several locations on each skate. The model name “Tempest” appears on the back of the cuff and the model number appears on the side of the heel of each skate.

The recalled models and their SKUs are as follows:

  • Men’s
    • Model 90 – Black/White with blue and yellow highlights; SKU: 07010400835
    • Model 90 – Black/Gray with blue highlights; SKU: 07201400481
    • Model 90 – Black/Silver with red highlights; SKU: 07302200741
    • Model 100 – Black/White with red highlights; SKU: 07010200741
    • Model 100 – Black/Gray with yellow highlights; SKU: 07201200138
    • Model 100 – Black/White with red highlights; SKU: 07301800816
    • Model 100 – Black/White with orange highlights; SKU: 070100009F2
    • Model 110 – Black/White with orange highlights; SKU: 072010009F2
    • Model 110 – Black with yellow highlights; SKU: 07301600T83
  • Women’s
    • Model 90 – White/Black with pink highlights; SKU: 07010500653
    • Model 90 -White/Black with purple highlight; SKU: s072015009E2
    • Model 90 – Silver with black and green highlights; SKU: 073023007C1
    • Model 100 – Silver/White with black highlights; SKU: 07010300863
    • Model 100 – White with black and red highlights; SKU: 07201300748
    • Model 100 – Black/Silver with purple highlights; SKU: 07301900N41

According to the CPSC, the mounting holes in the boot and frame can be misaligned causing the boot to separate from the frame and posing a fall hazard.


CPSC recall number: 14-113
Recalls Direct RIN: 3164-2014
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