Aztec Cheddar Cheese Recall Update [US]

US FDA RecallUS/Silver Spring: Flat Creek Farm & Dairy updates existing recall for some Aztec Cheddar Cheese due to Salmonella hazard. FDA:

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The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) reports the following Cheeses are subject to this recall:

  • Aztec Cheddar cheese, lot number 130823XCAZ, not 130823XAZ as previously reported in a previous release

About Salmonella Poisoning:
Salmonellosis (Salmonella poisoning) is a very common type of food poisoning caused by the Salmonella bacterium. Although there are thought to be over 2,000 different kinds of these bacteria, only a comparative few make humans sick. Salmonella serotype “Typhimurium” and Salmonella serotype “Enteritidis” are thought to the two most common types in North America. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) estimates more than 3,300 Americans may get Salmonellosis every day.

Contaminated foods, especially “protein foods” such as raw meat, poultry and eggs that have not been properly cooked, are the most common source of Salmonellosis. Not washing fresh fruits and vegetables before eating them, as well as not thoroughly cleaning work surfaces (including cutting boards, counter tops and cutlery) used to prepare raw meat and other foods in the kitchen can also cause Salmonella poisoning. Food can also be contaminated by food handlers who do not thoroughly wash their hands with lots of soap and hot water after handling raw meat or visiting the bathroom.

Salmonella can be found in the feces of many animals, especially those with diarrhea. Exotic pets, such as snakes, turtles and reptiles, may carry Salmonella even when healthy. People, especially kids, can become infected if they do not wash their hands after contact with these exotic animals or eat while playing their pets.

In young children, the elderly, people with compromised immune systems and those undergoing some Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, Salmonellosis may cause serious and sometimes deadly infections. Even in otherwise healthy people, Salmonellosis may cause high fever, severe headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In rare cases, however, Salmonellosis can cause more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected Aneurysms) Endocarditis and Arthritis.

If you suspect your food is contaminated, do not eat it. Contact the retailer for a refund or replacement. Wash your hands, contaminated preparation surfaces, cutlery and serving dishes thoroughly with hot soapy water and dry. Contact your MD immediately if you experience Salmonellosis symptoms.

You can learn more about Salmonellosis from the US National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) at


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