Nutkin Cot-Bed for Children Recall [UK]

UK TSI RecallUK/Basildon: Baumhaus recalls some Nutkin Cot-Beds with Three Drawers due to entrapment, injury, suffocation and death hazards. TSI: Cot-Bed for Children

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The UK Trading Standards Institute (“TSI”) reports the following Children’s Cot-Bed is subject to this recall:

  • Baumhaus Nutkin Cot-Bed with Three Drawers, Stock Code: CCP11A

According to the TSI, using this the recalled Children’s Cot-Bed presents the following hazards:

  • the risk of severe injury to young children due to the fact they can climb through the gaps between the vertical rails (indicated by the arrows in the photo) and become trapped by the head and/or neck, posing both entrapment and suffocation hazards.
  • the risk of severe injury to young children from becoming suspended by clothing or neckwear after becoming snagged on the top corner edge (indicated by a red circle in the photo).
  • the risk of injury to young children from their arms or legs becoming trapped in the gaps between the end slat of the ‘drop down’ side and the bed ends on a number of the products sold.
  • the risk of injury to young children from fingers becoming stuck in unprotected drill holes.

Please note: this Cot-Bed has other hazards as defined under Standard BS EN:716.

Parents and other caregivers should immediately stop their children from using or being placed in this recalled Cot-Bed and make other arrangements for their safe sleep. Contact Baumhaus or your retailer for the repair and/or replacement of the Bed-Cot.


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