Sesame Street Learn to Play Drumset Recall [Canada]

Canada/Ottawa: Sears Canada recalls some Sesame Street Learn to Play Drumsets due to choking hazard. HCSC:

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The Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports the Sesame Street Learn to Play Drumset Toy is a 4-in-1 set consisting of a large bass drum, a medium and a small drum, two sets of drumsticks, one cymbal and a stool. The labelled age group for this toy is 2-5 years old. A paper tab used to put together the drum can become separated or detach from the toy and pose a choking hazard to young children.

HCSC ID number: RA-25781
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1681
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Angry Bird Children’s Pyjamas Recall [Canada]

Canada/Ottawa: Goldtex Textiles recalls some Angry Bird Children’s Pyjamas due to flammability hazard. HCSC:

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The Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports its sampling and evaluation program has determined the recalled Angry Bird Children’s Pyjamas do not meet the flammability requirements for children’s sleepwear under Canadian law. Loose-fitting children’s sleepwear can contact ignition sources such as stove elements, candles, and matches more readily than tight-fitting sleepwear, and once ignited will burn rapidly, potentially resulting in severe burns to large areas of the child’s body. For this reason, cotton is not permitted in loose-fitting sleepwear.

HCSC ID number: RA-25275
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1680
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Train Set with Giraffe Family Toy Recall [Canada]

Canada/Ottawa: Dollarama recalls some Train Set with Giraffe Family Toys due to choking hazard. HCSC:

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Health Canada/Santé Canada (“HCSC”) reports this Toy Recall involves a train set comprised of four giraffes (one large and three small), rails and plastic palm trees. The train moves along the rails on battery power. According to the instructions on the toy, it is intended for children over the age of three. HCSC’s sampling and evaluation program has revealed if the toy falls onto a hard surface, it can break into small pieces. Since Health Canada considers this toy is intended for children under the age of three, regardless of what is indicated on the packaging, the small pieces pose a choking hazard.

HCSC ID number: RA-23757
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1679
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Impo Women’s Shoe Recall [US]

US/Washington: Impo International recalls some White House | Black Market Women’s Shoes due to fall hazard. CPSC:

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Additional information:
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports the heels on the recalled Women’s Shoes can become unstable, posing a fall hazard. This recall affects two Shoe styles: Versailles model (570053826) and Lourdes model (570053756); both styles have four-inch heels. The Versailles is cream, black and brown-colored faux snakeskin. The Lourdes is black-colored faux snakeskin with a white t-strap and trim. The model name is stamped inside the shoes and on the shoe box.

CPSC recall number: 13-138
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1678
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Swiss Arms Air Rifle Recall [US]

US/Washington: Soft Air USA recalls some Swiss Arms Air Break-Barrel Air Rifles due to injury hazard. CPSC:

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) reports the recalled Air Rifles can discharge while the safety mechanism is engaged, posing a risk of injury to consumers and those nearby. The CPSC says the products were sold exclusively at Sports Authority stores.

CPSC recall number: 13-137
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1677
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Bodum Charcoal Grill Recall [UK]

UK FlagUK/Basildon: Bodum recalls some Fyrkat Picnic, Fyrkat Mini Charcoal Grills due to fire, burn hazards. TSI:

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According to the TSI, the results of a new EU-product test (“RAPEX”) have indicated that Bodum’s charcoal grills, Fyrkat Picnic (model number: 10630) and Fyrkat Mini (model number: 11421), sold between 2010 and 2012, have the potential to reach excessively high temperatures during use, creating both fire and burn hazards.


Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1676
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Ford VM Transit Van Recall [Australia]

Australia/Canberra: Ford recalls some VM Transit Vans due to loss of brake fluid, reduced brake performance hazards. ACCC:

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ACCC PRA number: 2013/13497
Recalls Direct RIN: 2013-1675
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