Skil Compound Miter Saw Recall

Canada/Ottawa: Robert Bosch Tool Corp. recalls some Skil Compound Miter Saws due to laceration hazard. HCSC:

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Soy Candle Recall

US/Washington & Canada/Ottawa: Bath Petals recalls some Soy Candles due to fire, laceration hazards. CPSC:

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NHTSA Vehicle Recalls

US/Washington: As of Friday, July 6, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted 5 vehicle or tire recalls so far this month. Are yours listed?

Discovery Kids Lamp Recall

US/Washington: Innovage recalls some Discovery Kids Lamps due to fire, burn hazards. CPSC:

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Coles Lite Sour Cream Recall

Australia/Canberra: Coles Supermarkets recalls some Coles Lite Sour Cream due to E.coli hazard. ACCC:

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Learn about E. coli poisoning from the US National Institutes of Health (“NIH”):

Toyota EGR Pipe & Injectors Recall

Australia/Canberra: Toyota recalls some EGR Pipe & Injectors due to poisonous gas, fire hazards. ACCC:

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