Rooster Themed Lamp Recall

US/Washington: Designs Direct recalls some Rooster-Themed Lamps due to shock, fire hazards. CPSC:

HP Fax Device Recall

Canada/Ottawa: Hewlett-Packard Co. recalls some HP Fax Devices due to fire, burn hazards. HCSC:

Oil Furnace Recall

Canada/Ottawa: ECR International recalls some Olsen Direct Vent Oil Furnaces due to soot hazard. HCSC:

Jimmy Sammy Sandwich Bar Recall

US/Silver Spring: Nest Collective recalls some Jammy Sammy Sandwich Bars due to undisclosed peanuts, an allergen. FDA:

Snowmobile Recall

US/Washington: Arctic Cat recalls some Snowmobiles due to crash hazard. CPSC:

Bicycle Recall

US/Washington: Specialized Bicycle Components expands recall of some Bicycles due to fall hazard. CPSC:

Lincoln Recalls

Safety News: Drive a Lincoln? Grab your VIN and check for recalls as of Tuesday, February 7:

Pro Brake Cable Recall

Australia/Canberra: Gore Ride-On Cable Systems recalls some Pro Brake Cables due to brake failure hazard. ACCC:

Ducati Motorcycles Recall

Australia/Canberra: Ducati recalls some Motorcycles due to fuel leakage, fire hazards. ACCC:

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