Cobb Salad Recall

US/Washington: GH Foods SW recalls some Cobb Salads due to Listeria hazard. USDA:

Egg Salad Sandwich Recall

US/Silver Spring: Greencore recalls various Egg Salad Sandwiches due to Listeria hazard. FDA:

Yellow Croaker Fish Recall

US/Silver Spring: W & C International Import recalls some Rely Dried Yellow Croaker Fish due to non-evisceration and Botulism hazard. FDA:

Hard-Cooked Egg Recall

US/Silver Spring: Michael Foods recalls some Hard-Cooked Eggs in Brine due to Listeria hazard. FDA:

Rice Cracker Recall

US/Silver Spring: Gemini Food and Tong Enterprises recall some Bin-Bin Rice Crackers due to undeclared egg. FDA:

Birth Control Pills Recall

US/Silver Spring: Pfizer recalls some Lo/Ovral-28, generic Birth Control Pills due to failure hazard. FDA:

Walgreen Chocolate-Covered Raisin Recall

US/Silver Spring: Walgreen recalls some Chocolate-Covered Raisins due to undisclosed ground nuts, tree nuts and soy. FDA:

Frozen Pancakes Recall

US/Silver Spring: Pinnacle Foods Group recalls some Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes due to undeclared soy protein. FDA:

Bicycle Recall

US/Silver Spring: Specialized Bicycle Components expands recall of some Bicycles due to fall hazard. CPSC:

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